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A broken garage door is not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous as well. Our company, Brooks Overhead – Humble, have been experts in garage door repair and replacement for 12 years. Our unique, professional and courteous service includes replacing overhead doors, springs, hinges, rollers and tracks to make sure that our customers’ garage doors open and close reliably and safely.

Garage Door Supplier - we are honest and our doors reliableBrooks Overhead – Humble’s EPA certified, bonded, insured and licensed professionals know how to balance overhead doors. We offer our customers a safety check and preventive maintenance that can forestall larger problems in the future. We repair sagging doors by installing stronger lifting mechanisms. We also replace and repair springs and cables which the layperson should never attempt to do herself. We can also repair and program garage door openers, whether they’re universal, standard or electronic. We install monitors in our customers’ homes so they can keep an eye on their garage no matter where they are in the rest of the house. We can lubricate the moving components of the garage door so that they work easily and soundlessly and offer warranties on our parts and labor. We can also offer our customer an extended warranty. For all those services and more you can contact us at (281) 406-1886.
We install all types of new garage doors, including roll up doors and swing up doors as well as repair sections and panels of garage doors and service all brands and models of door. Our doors can be made of steel, fiberglass or wood to mimic old fashioned carriage houses. We can also accommodate customers who design their own garage doors. To book our exceptional services you only have to contact our customer care representatives by emailing or calling our office. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if emergency services are needed. We service both residential and commercial garages and will be happy to assist you. A customer who has a garage door that needs repair or maintenance shouldn’t hesitate to call Brooks Overhead – Humble at (281) 406-1886 anytime, day or night.

Keeping your garage door well maintained and secured is a paramount concern. If your garage door is faulty, your car and other contents of the area may be stolen. A garage door also offers the luxury of privacy from bystanders. If you are looking for a garage door supplier that can offer quality products or services in Humble, TX, Brooks Overhead – Humble should be strongly considered.

Brooks Overhead – Humble is a premier garage door supplier operating in Humble, TX since 2000 years. Our company carries the most comprehensive range of products and services for garage doors that’s backed up by more than 12 years of experience under our belt. Brooks Overhead – Humble strives to maintain its unequaled reputation and integrity in its respective market. We do our best to satisfy our clientele and make sure we keep the professional relationship strong and long-lasting.

There are diverse types and designs of garage doors available on the market. It becomes easily overwhelming to pick one, especially if you aren’t an expert in garage doors. Installation involves an entirely new level of difficulty. You need to have the right tools and equipment, prowess, and know-how to make the project work. Now, do you have these resources? If not, contact Brooks Overhead – Humble right away!

The Best Garage Door Replacement and Sales in Humble TX

Garage Door Sales - we make the greatest ones in Humble TXGarage doors can be a big hassle to install, especially overhead doors. Since they obviously enclose garages where the family car is kept, the likelihood of overhead doors incurring damage is actually far greater than the front door to the home. Drivers have been known to back the car out of the garage before raising their overhead doors. Other drivers can return home from work tired, and forget to stop in time on their driveway impacting the garage door. There are also unwanted accidents that create the need for a new garage door. Homeowners may choose to have their door replaced if such accidental misfortunate events occur. Whenever you have the need to call a professional garage door contractor Brooks Overhead – Humble is at your service, anywhere in the Humble, TX area. Garage door replacement is not as simple as an oil change. However, a simple check online for a reputable garage door company can solve that problem. Brooks Overhead – Humble can schedule a visit to your home to inspect your garage door and write up an estimate of the charges. Our written quote will then serve as a guarantee that the final charges for the job done will be the same as the price negotiated in advance. Our technicians can explain you exactly what repairs need to be done and how they are going to effect the final look of your garage door. We can also estimate the amount of time needed for the job to be completed in order for you to do your calculations and appoint a service at a date and hour convenient for you.
You, the homeowner, of course, will decide the color and design of the new door and we will do our best to provide it for you. Our work is professional, quick and responsible. After booking us, you will have a brand new garage door to show off to the neighbors. If your garage door gets accidentally broken it has to be repaired immediately, if the repairs are delayed that can represent a security risk to your home. Call Brooks Overhead – Humble today and we will make sure that any of your overhead doors will be repaired on time. Call (281) 406-1886 for the best garage door installation and replacement services in Humble, TX.

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Most Perfect Garage Doors

Garage Door Replacement - we do them fast and preciseBrooks Overhead – Humble offers flagship overhead doors, garage supplies, and garage services in Humble, TX. We carry extensive experience of more than 12 years in the market. In fact, our brand is the most established and trusted when it comes to garage door services. Don’t believe us? Our track records will prove it for you with hundreds of projects completed and a relative number of clients satisfied. Our client referral and client retention ratings are unequaled by other local service providers.

Different styles and designs of overhead doors are accessible in the market. With a variety of styles to opt from depending mainly on your budget, preferences, and garage dimensions, the process becomes overwhelming. The same goes for when you’re installing or repairing your overhead doors. If you do not have the requisite skill, know-how, and equipment, let Brooks Overhead – Humble to complete the job for you.

Brooks Overhead – Humble is capable of working proficiently on any feasible garage door project that lands on our desk, whether you’re on a budget or time limit, shopping for specific garage supplies, or wherever you are in Humble, TX. Brooks Overhead – Humble strives to offer the lowest possible rates without affecting service standards and results produced after the project is completed. We also maintain communication with clients by keeping our lines available 24/7 and reinforced with a friendly and competent customer service team. Contact us today at (281) 406-1886 to know more of our garage door products and services!

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